Guide To Building A Eco Friendly Kitchen


‘Go Green’ is the mantra everywhere. People are finding ways to ‘Go Green’, it should implement in every aspect of our lives. A significant contributor to this mantra in your house is the kitchen. If you are looking for ways to implement eco-friendly home and help the environment stay green, ecocabinets make customised kitchen cabinets. reports that many people are seeking advice on how to build a healthy eco-friendly kitchen but also benefits people in your family as a kitchen is known as the heart of the house.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are transforming or building an eco-friendly kitchen.

Kitchen Fixtures:
An essential component when designing or planning a kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are customized to suit the needs and style of the house owner. The cabinets are found in the following types

Custom: These are cabinets that are made for kitchens which are done to order. Some kitchens are not of standardized sizes, to accommodate such spaces, custom kitchens are useful. This type of kitchen is costlier than other types as you have to build it from scratch but worth the money.

Semi Custom: You will be able to choose from a broad range of styles which are available in a variety of sizes. It offers a lot of flexibility as these cabinets is not pre-built. As the cabinets are built only after placing an order, it usually takes more time for delivery and is costly.

Stock: If you are looking for standard sizes and types and ready cabinets, this is the kind of cabinet to consider. That is perfect for people who are on a budget but has limited options.

Budget: Going green does not necessarily mean you will be spending a lot to build your kitchen. The level of eco-friendliness you want defines the scope of the project. With the market being very competitive you need not spend a lot of money on materials. Adding to it, it is low on maintenance as the need for replacements and repairs over a period is less compared to others. You can also expect to play fewer utility bills as it helps in reduced energy consumption.
Also, bear in mind that sometimes you might have to compromise on looks when using eco-friendly kitchen products.

Cabinet Door styles: The next thing to consider after knowing about the cabinets is the doors. There are many classical and traditional cabinet door styles to suit your personal needs and taste.

Louvered: This design is one of its kind architectural design. When you are looking for more ventilation and air circulation in your kitchen cabinets, you can choose this style. This model is also used for cabinet windows, furniture and doors.

Distressed: If you are looking for an antique look for your kitchen, then this option is for you. This design gives you the flexibility to choose any style of door and can give a vintage look and feel by staining the doors or rubbing off the corners of the doors.

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