How To Get Loads Of Fruits From Your Meyer Lemon Tree?


People love to grow the Meyer Lemon tree for many good reasons. It is one of the trees that blooms frequently and gives loads of fruits. It also radiates a beautiful scent of citrus fruit that is surely liked by most of us. These trees do not require big maintenance and gardeners do not need to put heavy work. However, there are some steps, which help your trees to give full sized lemons. The basic secret is that you have increased the blooming rate. It is the bloom that turns into the fruit. With more number of blooms, you can harvest more number of fruits. You may also need to protect the bloom from various insects and creatures. You learn more about the agriculture, environment and other topics from this website

Light is very important for the trees to produce the flowers. Make sure that you have planted the tree in such a way that it receives sunlight at least 6 hours in a day. If the tree is potted and kept in indoors, then keep it outside or near the window so that it can receive sunlight. The tree facing south will receive agood amount of sunlight.

Next to sunlight, what is more important for the Meyer Lemon trees to produce more fruit is water. You need to water the trees amply and should avoid over water or under watering. Make sure that the soil is slightly dry before you water. For example, if the soil is dry below the two inches from the surface, then it is right to water. You should never go to the extent that the soil becomes completely dry. The correct quantity of water should be enough to moisten the not getting oversaturated. The ideal frequency of watering the trees is once in every week or two.

If the leaves are drooping, then it is the sigh of overwatering. Else, if the leaves are dry and curling upwards, then the tree is under watered. You should never rush to correct the watering immediately. You should gradually increase or decrease the water level over the period. This is because suddenly reducing or decreasing the water level could put the tree under lots of stress.

The health of the soil determines the health of the tree as well. When tree’s health is in great position, then it would be able to produce more fruits. In order to improve the health of the soil, you should add fertilizers to the soil. Make sure that you add fertilizer in the right quantity.

Meyer Lemon trees can withstand cold temperature down up to 20 degrees. If the area is too cold, then you may need to bring the plant to the indoors. Extreme cold and indoor environment could make the leaves to dry quickly. Therefore, you need tospray water on the leaves to keep in fresh and alive. After you season becomes warm outside, you should not suddenly expose the plant long hours of sunlight. You should expose the tree graduallyby keeping it under the sun few hours for the first few days and then increasing the time span as the day passes.

Apart from above mentioned tips, you could also browse the Internet to learn more tips on successfully growing the Meyer Lemon trees.

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