Know Some Facts About NeoBux PTC Website


People who are keen on preferring the concept of ‘working from home’ have plenty of options in front of them. Joining in a Pay To Click (PTC) website is one of the great options they can choose. NeoBux is one of the best PTC websites on the World Wide Web. It offers instant payments and has been paying many web browsing enthusiasts for many years. As per, this great PTC website has a forum which a user can always get from knowledgeable members and can chat live with support. Plus the website has a toolbar so that users never miss an advertisement. Knowing its popularity in the web world business owners never hesitate to use this website to advertise on rather than to click ads with.

Being a popular PTC website on the Internet, Neobux has been listed under the banner of Neodev, Lda in Portugal and has been operational since 2008 and has validity to operate till 2020. Like other PTC websites on the web world, this great website receives a constant income from the advertisers and members as well when they upgrade or rent referrals on the site. Operating this website seems to be very simple for the users to get fast money for every click they make. With the help of doing a clicking on the ads that are available for your demographic location, one can start earning money after making a formal registration on the website. Registration is free, and one can easily become a member by filling some simple formalities for the purpose of registration.

Many of the review websites on the web world has rated Neobux with the five-star rating, not only for its popularity but also for its best customer support services extended to all the parts of the world. Perhaps, this is one of the main USPs of this excellent PTC website which stands tall among its competitors.

Most of the earnings for the users come from commissions on referral clicks. NeoBux operates the site with two options namely a standard account which is a free one and gold account with an upgrading facility member earn $0.01 per standard and click while $0.02 for gold members on extended exposure ads compared to $0.01 for standard members. There are four categories of ads which can be used on a daily basis. Other additional ads may be offered depending on your demographic location and usually at certain times of the day.

The site also uses the feature of Referrals which offers more power to the users to earn more money. It comes in two forms such as direct referrals and Renter referrals. The former is the one you can personally request to join NeoBux while the latter allows the members are allowed by the admin to rent for a certain fee. All you have to do is, to get one use your link or sign up for your username. Rented referrals are the way to make the most money. Check for reviews before signing for any work from home programs.

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