Signs For End Of The World

End of the world is a very hot topic that is trending in many forums in the recent times as this is supported by spiritual people as well as scientific people. There are many points that will be supporting this factor and also weakening it. There are many people who have started to talk about how to survive the End Days recently as this will help people to come out of dreadful circumstances at the time of the end. Here are some signs that are said to indicate the end of the world.

First is the population explosion on the earth. It is very clear that the amount of people in the world is increasing very rapidly in all nations. As a matter of fact, this is not a very good sign. This will affect the lifestyle of the people and space for living is decreasing, and this will affect the nature. Even though there are a lot of ideas and methods suggested in order to control the population explosion, it is not possible to get the expected results. It is said that God has plans to end the world according to the prophecies that are told earlier. In fact, the ones that were told to be friction stories 2000 years back have been fulfilled now.

Many people might think that increasing knowledge is a development sign, but it has been told as an indication for the end of the world. The technological development in the recent days is very rapid. In fact, the technology that was released yesterday is replaced by a new one today. The question that arises here is why such developments happen only now and not in the past years. The answer is the God has unleashed the knowledge so that it will be possible for people to fulfill their purposes as soon as possible as the world is going to end. The increase in violence is also a sign.