Types of Direct Mail Marketing List

Java PrintingGetting the direct marketing list is a great option to reach your business message to the targeted audience. This method of marketing has been proved to be highly efficient. The biggest advantage of this method is that it will let you select the audience based on different criteria. For instance, if you are running a business that offers service only for a particular city or area, then you can get the list of contacts living in a particular area rather than getting a list of contact from different states or area. In this way, a direct marketing list helps you easily reach the target audience.

There are various companies that are ready to offer a direct marketing list for a price. Before purchasing marketing lists from such companies, you need to tell the criteria such as states, counties, zip codes, geography, etc. Now, let us briefly look into some of the marketing lists. A business mailing list contains the contact details of various business owners or someone, who takes the decision for a business/enterprise. You can get the business list by industry, size, employee size and more.

A residential consumer list is helpful for directly targeting the consumers. You can get a list by age, profession, geographic location, etc. Homeowner mortgage list contains a list of people and their contacts, who own a home through a mortgage. This list could be sorted according to the geography, interest rate, etc. New movers list contains the list of people, who have moved to a new area recently.

Apart from the above types, you can get other types of direct mail marketing list according to different criteria. You can approach a reputable and trustworthy company that can provide you direct mail marketing list according to your specification. You need to log on to the Selectabase LTD website for direct mail marketing list and other related information. You may also browse other websites to find out affordable mail marketing lists.